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Crabbie’s Weeks Halewood


Wildly popular in its UK home market, Crabbie’s Ginger Beer entered the U.S. only a few years ago. Behind the ginger beer’s wild success and one-of-a kind taste is a unique process that has the ginger fermented and steeped for up to 8 weeks. Crabbie’s needed to convince curious and luxury drinkers, willing to experiment with a more niche flavor, to also give Crabbie’s a try.  


To reach these customers, Crabbie’s partnered with Verve on its first ever mobile advertising campaign. This was significant since it was the only time the beverage company moved away from its solely word of mouth and radio advertising strategy in the US. Given success in these markets in the past, Crabbie’s focused the efforts of its mobile campaign on two key cities, Washington, D.C. and Raleigh-Durham NC. In each region, Verve technology was used to deliver advertising to people within a certain radius of Crabbie’s retail locations. In addition to reaching people nearby, Crabbie’s tapped into audiences with more discretionary income creating ad experiences for custom segments, dubbed “Luxury Drinkers”, “Working Professionals”, and “Young Professionals". Each audience was served an expandable tap-to-map creative format, allowing them to not only learn more about Crabbie’s product variety, but simultaneously get information on where to purchase the beverages. 


After exposure to the campaign, there was an 84% increase in foot traffic and 51% increase in visit frequency to Crabbie’s retailers. The cost per visit was $1.01, a below average cost for a luxury beer product. The campaign engagement rate of 6.05% exceeded all benchmarks, indicating high interest from new customers.