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We are m/SIX North America: a full-service media agency born into our connected age, handling Data & Analytics, Creative, Social and Digital Services.



m/SIX North America

CBRE Advantage Campaign


CBRE wanted to be recognized as more than a broker of space. Our challenge was to demonstrate how they transformed scale into strength, square feet into strong returns, expense into performance, and property into prosperity. This is what would differentiate them from the competition. To do this we needed to engage the hard to reach C Suite audience with clear messaging around a complex proposition.


First, we needed to identify how best to reach our audience. We leveraged Ipsos and syndicated audience research in addition to rich profile attributes from Dunn and Bradstreet and click stream data. This informed our understanding of the C suite’s profile, media consumption as well as more specific and timely behavior, lifestyle, passion points and interests. Over a quarter of the C-Suite use mobile phones for research purposes. We were then able to shift CBRE from a 95/5 print/’other stuff’ model to roughly 70/30 digital/print split. This optimized platform mix allowed us to more precisely reach the target and drive more impactful engagement in order to change perceptions. We knew education would be crucial as our audience is looking for help and information when making important decisions around real estate. With that in mind, native became a focal point of our efforts. We used Dunn and Bradstreet and Experian data to identify and target decision makers and people who were researching commercial real estate. One site that performed particularly well against this audience was Along with a number of standard native units, we partnered with them to create a custom expansion unit that could house a number of different thought leadership pieces from CBRE.


Over the course of the campaign, the expansion unit performed above average, with an average expansion rate of .62% compared to the industry average of .54%. Interaction rates were equally impressive, outperforming the industry average by at least 200%. Metrics suggest users were really engaged with the content itself, as average video play time was higher than the industry average. Last but not least, the engagement rate for the expandable banners was double the IAB benchmark.