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BNY Mellon

m/SIX North America

Bank of New York Mellon - Invested in our Legacy


BNY Mellon is the bank’s bank. They lent the US government their first $1 and strong profile in the marketplace amongst Boomers and older generation. There is an opportunity to expand equity profile amongst the millennials, the new and growing segment of HNWIs.

BNY Mellon turned 232 years old on June 9th. The anniversary was celebrated in a big way with the ringing of the bell at the NYSE. Attendance included senior BNY Mellon leaders, several Hamilton descendants and Ron Chernow the Hamilton biographer whose book inspired Broadway musical. 


We supported these events with a unique social media campaign on LinkedIn and Twitter to drive excitement surrounding the anniversary, and more importantly, BNY Mellon’s association with Alexander Hamilton.  BNY Mellon’s LinkedIn page was hijacked by Alexander Hamilton himself for the day.  We also ran fun display units on LinkedIn similar to the anniversary messages you would see for people in your network on LinkedIn.


The campaign significantly exceeded benchmarks with a 1.15% engagement rate of sponsored content on LinkedIn. The campaign also resonated with younger audiences who typically have not engaged with BNY Mellon content.  Overall, the campaign sparked an increased interest in BNY Mellon with a subsequent LinkedIn campaign scoring the #2 spot in LinkedIn’s Top 20 list of Sponsored Updates (Financial Services advertisers) during the week of the Hamilton anniversary campaign.