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New York, NY, 10012
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We are m/SIX North America: a full-service media agency born into our connected age, handling Data & Analytics, Creative, Social and Digital Services.


Wall Street Journal

m/SIX North America

Business Background

The Wall Street Journal is the largest newspaper in the U.S. by circulation.

Due to the changing news landscape and the onslaught of bite-sized, digital, free options available, The Wall Street Journal was under increasing threat, faced with an aging subscriber base and an increase in subscriber churn.

WSJ needed a new model and way of working to capitalize on available budget and not only increase subscriptions but reduce churn.

Our research with The Journal’s subscribers revealed that their base was made up of some of the world’s most successful and ambitious people, and that these people saw The Journal as a fundamental part of their daily lives and their success, therefore they actively make time to read The Journal every day whether at home, at work, or on the go. We collaborated closely with Dow Jones to completely transform the way they look at their data, their products, their subscription model and their customer relationships.

a smart campaign Approach

We created a hyper-targeted campaign in major metropolitan areas that grabbed the attention of the most ambitious, and no one else. Those up before the sun and home long after dark, who put in the extra hours to get ahead in their careers. Because after all, if someone is putting in those types of hours they must have the ambition of a Wall Street Journal reader.

To connect with these professionals, we built the campaign using dynamic programmatic and OOH placements designed to reach them precisely during those early morning and late night hours when they were going above and beyond in service of their careers. For the before-dawn worker, 5-8am was our target messaging time and for the night owl it was 9pm-midnight. OOH and digital communications were time stamped, so early risers saw various messages such as: “It’s 6:25, and you’ve already had your first call for the day”. Those burning the midnight oil were served relevant evening messages like: “It’s 11:30, and you’re just leaving work.” 

proven success

By changing not just media and messaging delivery, but altering the mechanics of the entire program including measurement, cross channel integration and optimization, we were effective at generating interest and orders ultimately supporting the holistic brand campaign with substantial results.

  • A 40% increase in unaided brand awareness
  • Grew prospect pool by 24.5%
  • 13% churn reduction
  • A 21% increase in website traffic during campaign
  • Doubled daily sales
  • 6,000 subscriptions were directly attributed to the campaign
  • The most successful quarter for subscriptions in 4 years